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Game of Professionals. INVISIBLE WORLD

About the event

About the event

On November 17, 2019, an online conference of a new format “Game of Professionals. INVISIBLE WORLD. POLTERGEIST” was held on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement. Participants attended the conference online from many cities around the world.

“Game of Professionals. Invisible World. Poltergeist” was the second game within the framework of the “Invisible World” project initiated by the participants of the ALLATRA IPM in which the following questions will be answered:

  • what is a poltergeist and what are the signs of its manifestation?

  • can a person be a poltergeist’s conductor?

  • are there any ways to protect oneself from a poltergeist’s influence?

  • what is the nature of poltergeist origin according to the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS

During the Game, we show examples of poltergeist contacts and descriptions of people’s individual experiences. Poltergeist phenomenon is one of the Invisible World manifestations. Human choice in favor of spiritual self-improvement and love neutralizes the negative influence of the invisible world.

“Game of Professionals. INVISIBLE WORLD. POLTERGEIST” took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November 17, 2019, at 11:00 GMT.

We kindly invite all people to discuss together these and other questions within the framework of the project ”Game of Professionals. Invisible World”.

Such conferences are held at the ALLATRA International Public Movement platform by people of various social statuses, positions, and nationalities from different countries of the world, which unite for common implementation of the creative projects and interact beyond politics and religion.

Email for questions and participation: [email protected]

"Invisible World” video with Igor Mikhaylovich Danilov