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About the event

About the event

On November 17, 2019 the conference “Round table. CREATIVE HEALTHCARE IN AFRICA. CASE STUDY: SUDAN” will be held at 15:00 GMT in Atlanta (USA), that is the second part of the online-conference of a new format "GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. HEALTHCARE IN A CREATIVE SOCIETY".

The conference will be attended by physicians from different fields, pharmacists, economists, businessmen, representatives of charitable societies and organizations that stand for the protection of human rights. Topical issues that all people care of will be raised:

  • What kind of infrastructure is vital to provide intime access for each person to a high quality medical treatment as it is actually supposed to be in a constructive society.?
  • How is the educational system supposed to be structured so that medical employees could be able to receive equally high-quality education and maintain their qualification at the appropriate level regardless of their place of residence?
  • How to build economics that could eliminate the lack of funding  and resources?
  • The need for medical educational activities among the population in order to eliminate epidemics due to lack of hygiene and lack of basic health knowledge.

You can connect to the conference online from anywhere in the world!

Live broadcast at

Atlanta 10:00

New York 10:00

London 15:00

Moscow 18:00

Kyiv 17:00

Beijing 23:00

New-Delhi 20:30

ALLATRA International public movement is the association of people of goodwill, who strive for unity and friendship between nations based on cultural and moral, spiritual values that connect people all over the world. The movement participants strive to build qualitatively new relationships between nations on the basis of kindness, selfless mutual assistance, and constructive interaction between people around the world, regardless of their place of residence, social, national, political or religious views.

It is in our power to build a constructive health care system. Due to the knowledge given in the Allatra  book and the programmes with Igor Mykhalovych Danylov it has become clear that solving any problem is a transition from a consumer society format to the constructive one. We, the  people, have to envision such society where each of us would love to live, and to join forces in building it. The idea of how such results may enhance various areas of life is already being expressed in the Games of Professionals within the “Society. The Last Chance” project.

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