AllatRa Pattern Tape


Do you know how the theory of six degrees of separation works? We invite everyone to test it in practice. The FLASH MOB is called "I am for a creative society"!

On May 11, 2019, a grandiose event occurred when, for the first time in the history of humankind, people from different parts of the planet connected at the same time to the International online conference organized by the participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

Its purpose is to show that all people are united, regardless of nationality, skin colour or profession; and we all are united by a common inner desire to live in Love and Peace. The creation of a society in which each person will live very joyfully depends only on ourselves and our joint efforts.

At this conference, participants suggested that all of humanity should gather on the second Saturday of May, 2020 in an online video-conference. This is a unique chance and a long-awaited occasion to meet as one big family, the people of our planet, and to discuss many pressing issues together.

Let's join this large-scale initiative and support the #AllatraUnites flash mob all over the world! This is a flash mob of openness, friendship and unity. Share your vision with the world, and you will see that there are many people like you, and you are not alone!