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Everyone is in charge of the future of humanity What will it be like?

Every person wants to be happy, but can we call our society happy? Each of us would surely like to live in a world where he, his family, and all people are really happy. Yet, what kind of world do we see today?


The realities of our time: war threats and conflicts, geopolitical tensions, millions of refugees, children dying of hunger, economic crises — and all this against the background of rapidly growing climatic disasters that confront humanity with the key choice between survival or death of civilization.

And all this is the result of the consumer format of society. Is this the world we dream about? Is this the future we want for our children and grandchildren? Is this the world that we ourselves want to live in?


The unique world-scale event “CREATIVE SOCIETY. WAYS TO ACHIEVE IT” on May 15, 2021, on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement, will unite people from 180 countries in one online video conference in an open global dialogue:

“Do we want a creative and constructive society?”

This global event of May 15, 2021 will be attended by hundreds of thousands of people, including diplomats, leaders of various international and non-profit organizations, politicians, scientists, representatives of mass media and cultural sectors, as well as socially active people from different countries. Interactive real-time video broadcast with simultaneous translation into different languages of the world will allow people from different parts of the world to have a live dialogue.

At this historic international video conference, thousands of people from all over the world will have an opportunity to unite and share their opinions and views of what the future of our society should be like.


The event of May 15, 2021, is the next step after the first world conference "SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANСE" held on May 11, 2019. At the conference, people voiced the most acute issues of our time and the truth that has stirred up the world.

People understood: for the world to really change for the better, it is necessary to change the very format of the world society from consumer to creative and constructive one, and to change it peacefully. And only people themselves can do that. Today, it is so important for us as humanity to see that common future which we want to come to as a single human family.

The result of the international conference on May 11th, 2019 was a great wave all over the world in the form of follow-up international video conferences, numerous round tables, interviews with specialists from different fields, and large-scale social video surveys on the topic: “Do we need a creative and constructive society, and how do we see it?”

The vigorous activity of people all over the world has shown in practice that we all can unite for a common creative purpose if we do not shift the responsibility to anyone and start creating together for the benefit of the entire world community.

Constructive changes begin with people's decision, and this decision becomes the beginning of the future!

A large-scale video conference on May 15, 2021, will be organized by people themselves in their own countries and regions!

International conference "CREATIVE SOCIETY. WAYS TO ACHIEVE IT" on May 15, 2021. Unite and create!

“We would already be living in a creative and constructive society today if we had started acting yesterday. And we would have started acting yesterday if we had started talking about it the day before yesterday.”