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is a format of interaction outside of politics and religion. This global Movement, already joined by millions of people from over 140 countries, is open to all people of good will regardless of their place of residence, nationality, social status, religion or political affiliation. The activities of this volunteer, all people's movement, are aimed at reviving spiritual and moral values in the world community and establishing a peaceful dialogue around aspects of life within society such as cultural, social, spiritual and moral conditions.

The main activities are carried out through the voluntary initiative of people, their desire to change themselves and the world for the better. This is a unique, peaceful global movement in which people, in their spare time, successfully implement an entirely new form of communication, an interaction which results in the unification of people around the world based on the principles of honesty, kindness, and justice. This is the power that really unites people across the planet.


“一粒” is a project aimed towards uniting people on the basis of spiritual values, and common grains of knowledge that exist in all religions and cultures. By studying the sacred texts of all existing religions and cultures, we show that the teachings of all people of the world are based on the same grains of the Truth. This realization gives people an understanding that we are all united, our cultures and religions speak and teach about the same thing. And there is nothing that can separate us.

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Life. Love that Gives Freedom. Film 2. Part 1

「一粒。 パート1 チョイス」