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Teleconferencia internacional en un formato nuevo.

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9 de mayo de 2020
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International social research project "THE FUTURE IS NOW" on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement

Each person wants to be happy. But is our society happy? Is every person in it happy? How can we build a true creative and constructive society together?

The international social research project "THE FUTURE IS NOW" looks for answers to these questions. Volunteers from more than 140 countries of the world conduct public opinion polls on the ALLATRA IPM platform in order to hear people's answers to these vitally important questions. After all, society is each of us.

The goal of the project:

For each person to understand his or her role in forming the society regardless of their social status, nationality, or religious affiliation. Sharing information about the model of creative and constructive society, built by people, during international online conferences, video conferences, and interviews within the framework of scientific discussion project Game of Professionals.