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Creative Society is a worldwide project of ALLATRA International Public Movement and it concerns everyone.


A precedent for the creation of this project was the global international conference “Society. The Last Chance” that has united people from many countries of the world.
  • Residing in different parts of the world, people have gathered in numerous conference halls and simultaneously got connected with each other in a video broadcast via the Internet in order to frankly and honestly discuss the challenges faced by the modern civilisation.
  • The conference has led to the conclusion that the main problem of contemporary humanity is the consumerist format of society. While the only way out of the current dead-end situation is a change of the society format entirely from a consumerist to a creative one.
What can a creative format of society be like, which would:
take our civilisation out of the deadlock of self-destruction;
provide for a future without wars, conflicts, violence, and hunger;
ensure decent life for people all over the world and eliminate fear for the present and the future;
bring modern society to a new level of unity and peaceful development of civilisation in all spheres of life?
How do we, representatives of humanity, envisage such a creative society?
How can we unite for this goal and achieve it all together?
The Creative Society global project has been initiated precisely for the entire world to answer these questions.
The Creative Society project is a cause of all people. This is why participants themselves implement this initiative. No third parties finance it. This project, as well as all the other projects of ALLATRA IPM, is outside of religion and politics. Participants of ALLATRA IPM represent general public. These people advocate implementing the eight Foundations of the Creative Society in all countries of the world for the benefit of all people. Read more about the stages of building the Creative Society in the article Foundations and Stages for Building the Creative Society.
An exclusive interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov to the International Internet Television ALLATRA TV about the Creative Society.


Project goal:
To build a creative society free from the system of consumerist mindsets.
Project objectives:
To create conditions for building a creative society on the whole planet by peaceful means.
To ask people all over the world whether they want to live in a creative society, and how they envisage it.
To provide a platform for a global, international, open discussion of the concept and model of the creative society in all spheres of human life.
To find new ways to unite the entire humanity and create conditions for the active participation of every person in the life of society, regardless of social status, religion or nationality.


To implement the tasks of the Creative Society project, activities are being carried out in such areas as:
Public surveys and interviews conducted all over the planet to shed light on the opinion of the international community.
International conferences with the participation of experts in the “Game of Professionals” format.
Organization of socially significant events, forums, thematic meetings, round tables, webinars, online video podcasts, and participation in similar events on other platforms around the world.
Publication of analytical and research articles, authors' and expert opinions, reviews, interviews and other information materials.
Creation of video programmes, presentation and social videos, documentaries, and video reviews.
Let's create together the Future that humanity deserves!