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International press conference ”FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!”

Atlanta, USA
June 22, 2019


An international press conference of a new format on the ALLATRA platform 

On June 22nd, a press conference “FOR CREATIVE SOCIETY!” took place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Uniting people from around the world including Germany, Spain, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries via online video conference.

Those present at the conference included ALLATRA International Public Movement participants, representatives of various public, social and religious organizations and officials from diplomatic and political circles as well as members of the media.

The press conference opened with Robby Wells’ speech on current problems of the consumer society, which started 6,000 years ago. He spoke about the cause-and-effect relationships that have impacted people’s lives today and the importance of transforming society, as well as about the significant activities of ALLATRA International Public Movement. About how ALLATRA IPM participants, through personal example, show the possibility of changing the vector of society’s development from a from a consumer format to a creative and constructive society by peaceful means.

Robby Wells announced his intent to run for President of the United States of America in order to implement the values and foundations of ALLATRA. Mr. Wells formulated his campaign platform based on the will of thousands of people, which was voiced at the large-scale, international conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” held on May 11, 2019. The event took place on the ALLATRA IPM platform and through live video broadcast, united people that gathered at conference and congressional halls across the world. (The post-event press release can be viewed on the website). In his speech, Mr. Wells voiced the key points and priorities related to building a creative world society by peaceful means with actual proposal of concrete steps and changes needed in this direction:

  • ”People can live in peace and harmony, people can truly be happy. People can change the consumer format of society to a constructive and creative one. There is an example for this. An example of this is ALLATRA. People are uniting all over the world and acting all together, regardless of their country of residence, religion or social status. People are uniting only on the best of humanity, the qualities that distinguish humans from animals. I believe it is time for all of humanity to join the ALLATRA movement and once and for all get rid of what is not human in all of us. Let us all together unite on the highest human qualities.”
  • ”Today, this task is extremely urgent and critical for each of us, we all face the most serious, vital challenges in the history of mankind, ever.
    We are on the threshold of climate catastrophe, which can happen in the coming decade. What will it lead to if the consumer format of relations in our society continues to dominate? The economies of all the countries will collapse and massive wars for territories and food will begin. It will be the most terrifying war in the history of mankind - the war for survival. The self-destruction of human civilization will begin. If we do not die from climate change, then we will die from nuclear war. This means that with the dominance of the consumer format of relations between countries and between people, we are all already inevitably dead. But we want to Live! Is it possible to change the future now? It is! And it must be changed by all of us together, without wasting any time. Only then will we survive, but we will be able to survive as a united human family! Apart, we will die. We have to come together. In fact, in a global sense, we have nothing to divide! After all, we all have one nationality – humanity! One place of residence - the Earth.”
  • ”Development of the consumer format of our civilization began with the Sumerians, six thousand years ago. And the meaning of it is the immeasurable wealth of a few and the impoverishment of the masses. All the history of humankind known to us is built on wars and conquests, which gave rise to many big and loud names. But history is silent about the global enslavement of the masses. About how, for the benefit of a few, millions of people were killed. So I want you to think about it. Masses  of people were destroyed in order to satisfy the animal appetites of a small bunch of evil individuals, animals?! This history of consumer society is a history of murder and enslavement of mankind, the division of society into rich and poor, into those who are free and those who are slaves. Is this the life worthy of the title of a Human being? No, it is not.”
  • ”Together with the whole world we must create a united planned economyof a creative, constructive world society. The beginning of this is the complete cancelation of all debts between countries, this includes private loans for citizens of the United States and the entire world... It will be impossible for one single nation to do this, no matter how powerful it might be. It takes all the countries to start a new economy from a blank page.”
  • ”We will not admire those who kill and rob us, but those who create for all of society!”
  • ”The creative format of society is already beginning to be widely and actively discussed by the international community. I am proud that on May the 11, 2019, a historic event took place in the United States right here in Atlanta (Georgia). It was the first international online conference of a new format "Society. The Last Chance". This was done on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement, where people from around the world, as you can see, openly and honestly spoke about the politicians and the world press that remain silent. People voiced not only problems, but most importantly – ways to solve those problems around the world.”
  • ”The rapid change of the vector of society's development from the consumer format to the creative and constructive format is the only chance for all of us to survive. There is no room for populism and speculation on this topic. Here we need real concrete actions from each person. The future of humanity depends on us, the ones that are living. We must do everything to ensure that such a nation as humanity will survive.”

The next speaker, Marina Ovtsynova, a participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement and one of the main speakers at the international conference of a new format “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” put emphasis on the need for constructive transformation in the world society:

  • “If there were fewer political games, then people would truly know what awaits them in the near future, they would know the whole truth about the climate situation and prospects for the upcoming years. For example, as honestly as it is described in the climate report published by ALLATRA IPM: ‘On the problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective ways to solve these problems’. But this is not public knowledge. Is it not beneficial for someone to talk about it? Then I have a question for them: "will it be beneficial for people to leave their homes, migrate urgently to other areas during climate disasters, while, the consumer way of thinking will continue to dominate in the global society? What can we expect? Destruction of each other?!”
  • “But who ever allowed the politicians to play with people's lives? War is a shame of mankind, it is a grief of mothers! There are no winners or losers. Wars carry  death that destroys our children. But wait, in the world there is no such thing as other people's children, all children in this world – are our children!”
  • “What is the modern consumer format? It is the format of the game played by a few    with destinies of billions.  People from all over the world understand that these players got caught up in the game. We've had enough! Enough of your games! 

Consumer format kills the most important thing – humanness. 

Enough fighting with the consequences – it is necessary to eliminate the cause. We, the people, gathered with the world, can make our lives worthy.

What do all people around the world want? To live honestly, rightly, safely, in prosperity, to work a little, and to earn a lot. This is how it should be in a creative, highly technologically advanced civilized society.

If each of us, people around the world, in their places, right now do everything possible to change the consumer format of existence of our world community to a creative one, then our descendants will have a future!

This is our common future, this is our joint life!

Our planet Earth is too small and fragile. During the period of severe challenges, we can survive only together, as a universal creative, harmonious, united family. 

This is what people around the world want. If people in the whole world say ‘Yes’, then it will be so. If people decide, then the world will change. If the world changes, then the future will change.

On the second Saturday of May, 2020 we invite all good and kind people to the universal international conference "Society. The Last chance", where citizens from different countries of the world all together will decide, how we all will live in the future. This will be a time when all of us jointly, all together will be able to approve and adopt the creative and constructive format of society’s development. 

We, the people of the world, ourselves, with our own hands will create conditions for the development of a creative society in which will flourish stability, and abundance in everything, there will be no place for hatred between humans, and love and friendship will prevail on Earth. 

Everything depends on society, but society is each of us. Let's change the world together!”

Chander Gambhir, former Indian diplomat, dedicated his speech to the importance of ALLATRA IPM’s activities in the area of changing relations in the world society in response to the challenges of global problems of climatic and geopolitical nature:

  • “The greatest victory is victory first over oneself. This is the truth and the means to achieve true freedom of men. This is also the spirit of ALLATRA, and with such an inextinguishable spiritual fire among us, we will sincerely and seriously work together from a standpoint of humanity, unity and respect for all.
    Keeping in view the spirit of humanity and unity and equality, I’d like to invite and request you all to follow on the universal need of the hour and come along to stand by ALLATRA to help propagate these virtues, ideals and principles which are also India’s as well as contained in Mahatma Gandhi's legacy.”
  • “Please, let us join together to spread a world of love and friendship in every part of the world and strengthen ALLATRA in its journey to achieve freedom and unity of all. We must do everything possible also to bring the representatives of our entire huge world family for 2020!!!”
  • “I had attended the conference on the 11th of May here in Atlanta “Society. THE LAST CHANCE” held under the auspices of ALLATRA. I was very impressed with the aims and objectives of ALLATRA and to learn about their sincere efforts, dreams, and endeavors for uniting all the people of the world to achieve true freedom and dignity for all.
    As Mahatma Gandhi said that,we can bring the change whatever we wish - being together, being united.”

In conclusion, Robert Kennedy, the president of the Atlanta Council on International Relations, shared his experience in building strong bonds among various countries and cultures, which are based on friendship and partnership. Mr. Kennedy’s experience includes serving as a Senior Research Officer at the US Army Strategic Studies Institute and a Director of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Mr. Kennedy noted:

  • “As we look toward building a better world for the future we need knowledge – knowledge of ourselves, knowledge of others,   knowledge of history, of peoples, of cultures, of traditions, of interests, and, among other things, an understanding of the objectives and concerns of others.”
  • “We live in a world of individual and national globalization. Thus, what each of us does and more importantly how we go about doing that can and will, in fact, determine the future of mankind. Working together we can forge a more promising future.”
  • “A commitment to a norms-based domestic and international community founded on universal principles.Those who have read AllatRa book, you know what I am speaking of. Rather than one based on individual, group, or national self-interest, as well as a clear and overwhelming commitment for the common good.”

As a result of the conference, people at all locations in different countries of the world continued interacting and exchanging ideas and concrete suggestions. During video interviews, many expressed their delight of the words voiced by the speakers. Those present shared their understanding of how much the world society needs such changes today. After all, good kind people all over the world are truly ready for unification and actual constructive actions.

People noted that today, ALLATRA is a truly unique platform, which unites all people, regardless of their social status, nationality, and religious beliefs, in a common goal: a transformation of our society from a consumption-based format to a creative and constructive society, starting with oneself.

The global conference of humankind ‘SOCIETY 2020”, which will take place on the second Saturday of May in 2020, is attracting more and more interest from people who live on different continents. People understand that this is a real opportunity to unite on the common, independent, global ALLATRA platform, and to find a joint solution of troubling issues in this time of global climatic challenges. That all together, as the world, we have an opportunity to adopt a creative humane vector of development for our civilization, while it’s still not too late.

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